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Gagauz - to be assigned Γκαγκαούζοι - to be assigned



Gaimanova (19/4/2007 v.1) Γκαϊμάνοβα (26/3/2007 v.1)

The Scythian tumulus of Gaimanova Mogyla, dated to the 4th cent. BC, is the most important one in the necropolis of Gaimanova, the first tribal necropolis in the history of Scythology, where burial customs from all layers of Scythian society are represented.




Galaţi (2/5/2007 v.1) Γαλάτσι (17/4/2007 v.1)

Danubian port initially part of the Principality of Moldavia, suzerain to the Ottoman Empire, and from 1859 of united Romania, which became an important import-export centre from the early 1830s onwards, when it was connected to the markets of Western Europe. The Greek community, dominated by Chian and Ionian wholesale merchants, was one of the most powerful in the city; since 1864, when it was officially founded, it constructed the church of the Transfiguration and established communal...



Georgios Gennadios

Georgios Gennadios - has not been published yet Γεώργιος Γεννάδιος (17/4/2007 v.1)

Georgios A. Gennadios (1786-12 November 1854) was born in Silyvria in Thrace and died in Athens. He was a scholar and important teacher.


Georgios Lassanis

Georgios Lassanis - has not been published yet Γεώργιος Λασσάνης (17/4/2007 v.1)

Member of the Society of Friends, who worked as a teacher at the Greek Commercial School of Odessa. In 1818 he was initiated into the Society of Friends and then took part in the Revolution in the Danubian Principalities. After its unsuccessful conclusion, he followed Alexander Ypsilantis until the latter died in Vienna in 1827. He then returned to Greece and, after the foundation of the Greek state, held various military and political positions. Lassanis died in Athens in 1870.


Gorgippia/ Syndikos Limen

Gorgippia/ Syndikos Limen - to be assigned Γοργιππία / Σινδικός Λιμήν - to be assigned



Goths (4/9/2007 v.1) Goths (5/3/2008 v.1) Γότθοι (4/9/2007 v.1)

Les Goths était un peuple gérmanique, qui, selon l'historien Jordanès, se déplacent de la Scandinavie à la vallée de la Vistule au cours du Ier siècle. Pendant le IIIe s. ils se divisent par Dneister en ceux de l'Est (Wisigoths) et ceux de l'Ouest (Ostrogoths). Les Wisigoths s'avancent jusqu'en Espagne et fondent un royaume avec la capitale à Toledo et les Ostrogoths, sous les ordres de Théodoric Amal, forment un royaume en Italie avec la capitale à Ravenne, aboli par l'empereur Justinien en...



Greco-Scythian metalworking

Greco-Scythian metalworking (26/3/2007 v.1) Μεταλλοτεχνία Ελληνοσκυθική - to be assigned

The emergence and the remarkable evolution of Scythian decorative and applied art is illustrated by a great variety of important works with their own peculiar features in the style and subjects in each period. Their manufacture and use were influenced by several factors connected to the social structures and practices of the Scythians, whose contacts with the Greeks and other ethnic groups were intensified in time through the gradual establishment of an extensive network of contacts and trade...



Генуезци в Черно море

Генуезци в Черно море - has not been published yet Genoese in the Black Sea (18/10/2007 v.1) Γενουάτες στον Εύξεινο Πόντο (2/7/2007 v.1)

Генуа развива изключителна търговска активност в Черноморието от края на 13 до края на 15 в. Нейната търговия е плод на личната инициатива на известни генуезки фамилии като Дория и Цакария, и има като резултат установяването на изключителен монопол над износа на някои суровини от черноморието. Създадена е мрежа от служители – консули, които са назначавани за 1 г. период от времеза управлението на колониите.


География на Черно море през Античността

География на Черно море през Античността (26/3/2007 v.1) Geography of the Black Sea in Antiquity (18/10/2007 v.1) Γεωγραφία του Εύξεινου Πόντου στην Αρχαιότητα (26/9/2007 v.1)

Черно море, Понтос Евксинус през античността, е вътрешно море между Европа и Азия. През 7 век пр. Хр. По бреговете му започва „елинска колонизация”, произхождаща предимно от град Милет. Някои от създадените тук около 70 пристанища и селища „полиси” израстват до значителни културни, политически и търговско-икономически средища. Понтос Евксинос се превръща във важен морски път с протичащ стокообмен на жито, животовъдни произведения, дървен материал, както и на риба, вино и роби. В периода ок. 72...