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Greek Fine Pottery in the Black Sea Region

Author(s) : Bouzek Jan , (proofread.) Lees Christopher (23/2/2008)

For citation: Bouzek Jan, (proofread.) Lees Christopher, "Greek Fine Pottery in the Black Sea Region", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
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Greek Fine Pottery in the Black Sea Region (23/12/2008 v.1) Ελληνική κεραμική στην περιοχή του Ευξείνου Πόντου - to be assigned 




The use of Greek fine pottery in the Black Sea region has been thouroughly investigated. Archaeological excavations have brought to light Ionian, Attic and Corinthian vessels, of which the existence is attested by the Archaic period and it is persistent until Hellenistic times. These vases served different functions not only within the public but also within the private domain of their owners. Further research on fine pottery has also illuminated aspects of trade, cultural identity, choices and fashion within the Black Sea area.

Geographical Location

Black Sea


Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic periods


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