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Danielopoulos family

Author(s) : Papadopoulou Alexandra (11/20/2007)
Translation : Tsokanis Anna

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Δανιηλοπούλου οικογένεια (1/7/2009 v.1) Danielopoulos family (2/12/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


1876-1878: Christos Danielopoulos locates in Vasiliko (Tsarevo).

1878: The semi-autonomous province of Eastern Rumelia is established .

1910: Yankos Danielopoulos leaves for studies in Constantinople.

1913: Outbreak of the Second Balkan War.

1914: Refugees move from Vasiliko to Thessalloniki. Yankos Danielopoulos leaves Constantinople and locates in Constanţa.

1915: The Fratii Danielopol business is established.

1916: Family immigrates to Constanţa.

1916: War has its toll on life in Constanţa. Family transfer to Galaţi.

1916: Location in Berdiansk and foundation of coffee shop/confectionary.

1917: Outbreak of Russian Revolution. Family moves to Constantinople (with the exception on Yankos and Aristoklis).

1918: Yankos and Aristoklis move initially to Constantinople and later to Constanţa.

1922: Family re-locates in Constanţa.

1924: Yankos Danielopoulos co-directs the family business in Constanţa.

1929: Wall Street crash in the USA.

1937: 25th anniversary of the Fratii Danielopol establishment.

1938: Acquaintance and engagement of Yankos Danielopoulos and Eleni Tsoukatou.

1939: Marriage of Yankos Danielopoulos and Eleni Tsoukatou.

1939: Outbreak of World War II.

1943: Christina, Yankos Danielopoulos’ first child, is born.

1944: Romania declares war on Germany.

1948: Despoina, second daughter to Yankos Danielopoulos, is born. Danielopoulos’ business nationalised.

1950: Yankos Danielopoulos’ family departs for Greece and settles down n Gomorova Pliaka, outside Koropi.


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