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Greco-Scythian metalworking

Author(s) : Zahariade Mihail (3/29/2008)

For citation: Zahariade Mihail, "Greco-Scythian metalworking", 2008,
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Greco-Scythian metalworking (11/13/2008 v.1) Μεταλλοτεχνία Ελληνοσκυθική - to be assigned 



cire perdue (lost wax), the
Sculptural technique of metal casting. A model in plaster or clay coated with wax is covered with a perforated plaster or clay mold. When the body is heated, the wax which covers the mold is "lost" and its space is taken by molten metal which, after it cools and the core is removed, gives the final product.

griffin, the
Α legendary creature of eastern provenance with the head, talons, and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion.

kylix, the
The most essential ancient drinking cup. It bears a wide and shallow body raised on a stem from a foot. It always has horizontal handles disposed symmetrically, often swinging upwards . The interior, flat, round bottom of the vessel was used as surface for painted decoration. There are many different types of kylikes such as the Komast type, the Siana type, types A, B, C, the Droop and the Cassel cups.

From the greek words "οίνος" (wine) and "χέω" (pour). Ovoid, single-handled wine jug usually taller than it is wide. There have been distinguished 10 types based on variations of profile, mouth type and handle form.

repoussé technique, the
The process or the result of decorating a. metallic surfaces with designs in relief, hammered out on the surface of the material from the back to the front.b. ceramic objects, where the motif is impressed into the surface of the vessel (the fresh clay) before firing.

rhyton, the
libation vessel with an outlet at the bottom of the vessel allowing the slow outflow of the liquid.

A deep vessel with an open rim and an almost hemispherical shape.


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