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Byzantine navigation and sea routes in the Black Sea

Author(s) : Dimitrov Dimitar , (proofread.) Lees Christopher (3/4/2008)

For citation: Dimitrov Dimitar, (proofread.) Lees Christopher, "Byzantine navigation and sea routes in the Black Sea", 2008,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
URL: <http://www.ehw.gr/l.aspx?id=11970>

Byzantine navigation and sea routes in the Black Sea (11/14/2011 v.1) Βυζαντινή ναυσιπλοΐα και θαλάσσιοι δρόμοι στον Εύξεινο Πόντο (11/11/2011 v.1) 



Byzantine navy

(Last visit: 23/6/2008)
A brief presentation of the maritime history of the Byzantine Empire.

Byzantine Pottery (9th -11th c) at the Bottom of Black Sea
URI, GSO, URI Institute for Archaeological Oceanography
(Last visit: 27/6/2008)
Cargo wreck containing ceramic jars dating to the 9-11th centuries A.D. found along the trade route between Constantinople and Chersonesos on the Crimean Peninsula.

Byzantine Shipwreck in Serçe Limani
van Doorninck, Jr., F.H
(Last visit: 14/11/2011)
An 11th c. Byzantine Swipwreck Excavation: presentation on the internet.

Yassıada 7th-century, Turkey - Institute of Nautical Archaeology

(Last visit: 2/9/2011)
The Yassiada Shipreck. Presentation of the excavation and the findings in the site of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.


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