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Author(s) : Podossinov Alexander (10/12/2007)

For citation: Podossinov Alexander, "Panticapaeum/Bosporus", 2007,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
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Panticapaeum/Bosporus (30/10/2008 v.1) Παντικάπαιον/Βόσπορος (23/6/2011 v.1) 


Geographical Terms


Panticapaion is said to be the oldest Greek colony in the Straits of Kerch. It was founded by Milesians in the 6th century BC. Ancient written sources report the city's history up to Roman times. There is also plenty of archaeological evidence related to the political, social, economical, religious and cultural activities of the city, while it is reported that Panticapeans founded their own colony, Tanais. Despite the destructions Panticapaion suffered in the course of its history, it remained the most important city of the Bosporan kingdom.

Administrative Dependence

Bosporan Kingdom

Historical Region

Cimmerius Bosporus

Geographical Location

Northern Black Sea coast, Straits of Kerch-Crimean peninsula


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