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Author(s) : Kontogeorgis Dimitrios (23/8/2007)
Translation : Tsokanis Anna

For citation: Kontogeorgis Dimitrios, "Constanţa",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
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Κωνστάντζα (24/12/2008 v.1) Constanţa (27/2/2009 v.1) 


Geographical Terms


Small port on the northwest coast of the Black Sea until the middle of the 19th century, inhabited by Greeks, Turks, Rumanians, Bulgarians and Western Europeans. It became an important mercantile-shipping centre, especially after its annexation to Romania (1878), due to extensive infrastructure works carried out in the docks. As early as 1862, a significant Greek community lived in town, operating schools and a church. Constanţa was also the place where the association “Elpis” was founded, one of the most active philanthropic and educational Greek associations in Romania, which constructed one of the first provincial theatres in the country.

Administrative Dependence

Constanţa prefecture

Historical Region

Dobruja (Dobrogea in Romanian)

Geographical Location

Northwest coast of the Black Sea

Other Names

Kiustenge, Kiustendje, Constantza, Constantia, Κωνστάντζα


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