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Pappoudof family

Author(s) : Delis Apostolos (21/4/2008)
Translation : Abouti Angeliki

For citation: Delis Apostolos, "Pappoudof family",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Black Sea
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Οικογένεια Παππούδωφ (23/12/2008 v.1) Pappoudof family (28/9/2010 v.1) 




A prominent family of the Greek diaspora, coming from Epirus – possibly of ‘Koutsouvlachoi’ origins. Members of the Pappoudof family settled in the largest ports of Southern Russia (Odessa, Taganrog, Rostov) but also in the most important ports of the western Mediterranean (Livorno, Marseilles). They were bound to other important families of the diaspora (Rodokanakis, Sevastopoulos) by intermarriage and business. They also played a significant role in the grain trade, mainly that of Odessa. To a limited extent, they were also active in other sectors, such as ship ownership and retail, whilst even more important was their presence in banking.

Main Role

Merchants, ship-owners, bankers

Date and Place of Birth

The family's activity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea trade dates from the first half of the 19th century.

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