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Arimasps and Griffins

Arimasps and Griffins (19/4/2007 v.1) Αριμασποί και Γρύπες   (26/3/2007 v.1)

Mythological creatures which, according to ancient writers, lived in the north, at the edge of the Ecumene and fighted each other over gold. The myth of the fight of the Arimasps against the Griffins first appears in Greece in the 7th cent. BC and is found in literature and works of art.



Iphigeneia and the Taurians

Iphigeneia and the Taurians (26/3/2007 v.1) Ιφιγένεια και Ταύροι (19/4/2007 v.1)

Greeks and Taurians got in close contact particularly after the establishment of the Greek colonies on their territory. The precise date concerning the emergence of Iphigeneia's legend remains obscure, but the written testimony refers to it already in the 6th century BC. There are many variants of that myth. Euripides was aware of them in the 5th century BC and the mingling of the different versions resulted in his famous work "Iphigenia in Tauris" that was a huge success among his...



Jason and the expedition of the Argonauts

Jason and the expedition of the Argonauts - has not been published yet Ιάσων και Αργοναυτική εκστρατεία   - has not been published yet

Prince Jason of Iolcus was sent by his uncle Pelias, and usurper of his father’s throne, on a mission to bring the Golden Fleece to Iolcus from the faraway land of Colchis; this was the pelt of the sacred ram which on Zeus’ behest saved the lives of Phrixus and Helle. Jason, accompanied by fifty heroes that had gathered from all over Greece, sailed off in his ship, the Argo, from Iolcus, took the Fleece from Colchis and princess Medea and sailed to the delta of the Danube, in modern Romania;...



Medea - to be assigned Μήδεια - to be assigned