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Greek Charitable Community of Odessa

Greek Charitable Community of Odessa (17/4/2007 v.1) Ελληνική Αγαθοεργός Κοινότητα Οδησσού (3/5/2007 v.1)

The Greek Benevolent Association of Odessa, (henceforth GBAO) was the premier civic association of Imperial Russia’s Greek minority from the time it was created, August 25th 1871, until 1918 when most of its leaders left Russia following the Bolshevik takeover. The GBAO was mainly a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping Odessa’s Greeks. Less known is the organization’s political activities in both Russia and Greece.



Greek Charitable Society of Odessa

Greek Charitable Society of Odessa - to be assigned Γραικική Φιλανθρωπική Εταιρεία Οδησσού - to be assigned


Greek Home for the Aged, Odessa

Greek Home for the Aged, Odessa - has not been published yet Ελληνικό Γηροκομείο Οδησσού (17/4/2007 v.1)

The Greek community's Nursing Home in Odessa was founded in 1896 at the expense of the major of Odessa and great benefactor Gr. Maraslis (1831-1907). The home was known as the Marasleios Greek Nursing Home in honour of its benefactor and was one of the charitable institutions supported by the community.


Greek Poor-House, Odessa

Greek Poor-House, Odessa - to be assigned Ελληνικό Πτωχοκομείο Οδησσού - to be assigned


Professional Ethics and Charity among Greek Businessmen in South Russia

Professional Ethics and Charity among Greek Businessmen in South Russia (16/4/2008 v.1) Επαγγελματική ηθική και αγαθοεργία των Ελλήνων επιχειρηματιών στη νότιο Ρωσία (16/4/2008 v.1)

The benefaction of Greek entrepreneurs of South Russia took various forms (donations, endowments) and it was part of their entrepreneurial culture. Merchants’ and bankers’ birth place, the period of their settlement in Russia, the conditions in the places of reception and the class diversities among Greek entrepreneurs constituted the determinants of this phenomenon.